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The Best Roof Repair Services

Minor roof wear can quickly become major damage. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of damage and call a roof repair contractor when necessary. 

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Roof Damage Repair Services - Aegis Construction

Your residential or commercial roof may sustain damage from excess water, hail, or typical wear over time. Fortunately, we offer top-rated commercial and residential roof repair, so you can rest easy knowing your home or building is in good hands.

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What Are the Signs You Need Roof Repair?

Several signs can indicate that you need to contact a roof repair company. If your home recently endured a major storm, you will likely find loose singles in your yard. A roofing repair contractor will assess your roof for further damage and replace the shingles. 

Ignoring minor roof damage can lead to bigger problems in the future, like water damage and mold infestation. A well-maintained roof adds to the overall value of your home.

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Types of Roof Repair

We provide repairs for various types of roofs. Our roof repair contractors are available for scheduled roof maintenance as well as emergency roof repair. 



If you want to update your existing roof without removing it completely, metal is an excellent option. Roof repair contractors can install metal roofs over the existing roof. Metal roofing is available on the factory-made level or for full customization, cut on-site by our experts. 



You can choose from wooden, composite, or asphalt shingles to fully realize your vision of your ideal roof. Shingles have a smooth, polished look that boosts curb appeal for any type of home. 



We can install solar panels on residential and commercial buildings. Chicago’s Sustainable Action Agenda is a push to have the entire city run on renewable resources by 2026, which is right around the corner. 


Flat Roofs

You can often find flat roofs on commercial buildings, although some homes take advantage of this unique style. For flat roof repairs, it is crucial to work with an expert contractor.

We can also install flat roofs with modified bitumen roofing, which is a mixture of asphalt, plastic, and rubber. We apply the mixture layer-by-layer to ensure a tight yet flexible seal.



Tile roofs consist of clay or concrete and are moisture- and fire-resistant. The tile is also highly durable and maintains color well. Unlike shingles, tile roofs can withstand high winds and lengthy sun exposure. 

Of all the options, tile roofs typically require the least amount of maintenance. 

Some Common Causes of Roofing Problems

Sometimes, Mother Nature has more in store for us than our roofs can handle. Roof damage can result from various types of weather, such as:


Ice or Snow

Snow is dazzling to look at, and a row of icicles hanging from your eaves is a charming sight. However, ice and snow are just as damaging as they are beautiful. As ice and snow begin to melt, water can seep into your roof, creating water damage that may go undetected without proper inspection.


Storm Damage

Excessive rain and high winds take a toll on any type of roof. If your roof endured harsh weather and you can’t remember the last time you had an inspection, it’s time to call a roof leak repair professional. Pockets of moisture trapped under your roof can lead to mold and rot, which are expensive to repair.



Aside from making a lot of noise, hail causes severe damage to roofs by creating hundreds of small dents. The damage hail creates is not simply cosmetic; hailstones can create minuscule fractures in the shingles on your roof. Over time, those fractures can grow to require extensive repair. 


Individual Shingle Repair

During a storm, individual shingles may come loose and need reattachment. Though the repair may be small, ignoring loose or missing shingles can lead to extensive problems in the future.



An expertly installed roof should last at least 20 years. Even the most durable roof will eventually start to show damage due to age. An experienced roof repair contractor can help you determine the age of your roof.

Our Roof Repair Process

When our roof repair contractors arrive, the first thing they will do is determine the type of damage your roof sustained. If your home has a chimney, our contractors will determine if it needs roof flashing repair. Damaged flashing results from high wind and can compromise the integrity of your chimney.

Once we fully assess your roof, our roof repair contractor team will complete the necessary repairs while keeping your budget in mind. 

Emergency Roof Repair Services of Aegis Construction

While some roof repair services can wait until their scheduled appointment, there may be times when you need to look for “emergency roof repair near me.” Those instances include water leaking inside from the roof or holes caused by high winds. Our contractors will make you their top priority to ensure your roof keeps you safe and dry.

When You Need Emergency Roof Repair

A leaky roof can be stressful and costly. When you need emergency roof repair near Chicago, our expert contractors with Aegis Construction will provide a free estimate so you know you are getting the best deal. Our contractors will move quickly to repair your roof before the damage worsens.

Insurance and Roof Repair

Your home insurance may cover your roof repair; however, submitting an insurance claim can be confusing. Our experts can help you submit an accurate claim to get the maximum benefit from your policy.

Why Choose Aegis Construction for Your Roof Repair Needs

Aegis Construction is family-owned, and we believe the quality of our work speaks for itself. We are so confident in our work that we offer a ten-year warranty on every available service. 

When it comes to roof repair in Elmhurst, our expert contractors exceed all expectations. Schedule a free inspection by filling out our contact form or call our Aegis Construction Group team. 


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