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As a certified Vinyl Siding Installer (VSI) and expert chicago siding contractors we at Aegis Construction Group are able to provide full siding replacements for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Siding is the protective material that is connected to the outer side of a wall of a building and is one of the first barriers protecting your home from the elements. Siding is particularly important for protection against rain and snow, and aids in insulation, keeping the inside of the building at a comfortable temperature. At Aegis Construction Group, we offer siding installation and additional insulation options to harbor heat in the winter and cold air in the summer. This saves you money on gas, heating, and electric bills.

Not only does siding have an important function structurally, but it is also a cosmetic enhancer to your home, particularly when you consider what type of siding you can use and its material.

Most siding is made to be weather-resistant, and the manner in which siding is installed on a building – through joining techniques – is designed to keep water from entering and making contact with your walls.


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Types of Materials

By keeping up with new products and trends, professional siding contractors at Aegis Construction Group can offer homeowners the latest siding materials options to improve the exterior appearance of their property.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is one of the most cost-effective siding materials and is also easier to install. Insulated vinyl siding can also be installed over existing siding, which stops you having to tear down and remove your old siding, saving on labor costs as well.

Vinyl siding is hard-wearing and comes in a wide selection of textures and colors. This type of siding also requires minimal maintenance. This material is also waterproof and can withstand extremely cold as well as extremely warm temperatures.

Metal Siding

Metal is fast becoming a popular choice for siding due to its long life-expectancy, its modern look, and its adaptability. In addition to this, metal siding is also environmentally friendly because of its longevity and its recyclability. It is also resistant to insect damage.

Metal siding is usually made from aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel. Aluminum siding is lighter and rust-resistant, whereas steel siding is denser, but would require a special coating to prevent rust.

Metal siding is a lot more time-consuming to install, and because of this, it tends to be a more expensive option. However, the investment in metal siding has a great payoff, as it will last a long amount of time, and add to the visual charm of your home.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is one of the extremely versatile siding materials when it comes to style because it can be treated, painted, and stained in a variety of colors. Wood siding requires more maintenance than other materials, which mainly involves treatments every few years to keep it strong enough to endure the elements to which it is exposed, as well as treatments against insects such as termites and ants. These treatments may drive up the cost of wood siding, even though siding installation and repair is relatively simple.

Wood siding consists of many different styles, among them wood shingles, clapboards in a horizontal direction, drop siding and vertical boards.

Cedar Siding

Authentic cedar siding is an excellent way to add to the curb appeal of your home. Real cedar wood is naturally resistant to insects and rot, making it require less maintenance than other types of wood siding. It is also an excellent thermal insulator, adding to savings on heating and cooling.

Cedar siding is also extremely sustainable, producing the least amount of greenhouse gasses and is sustainably sourced. It is versatile in style, and is able to be stained, oiled and finished in a variety of ways.

Hardie® Board

Hardie board is a type of fiber cement siding, which is extremely durable against the elements, and lasts a very long time. Hardie board comes in a variety of customizations and styles, such as regular siding, vertical siding, and pre-cut panels, among others.

Hardie board is also able to add to the visual appeal of your home, as it has a variety of styles and colors, making it highly customizable. It is also fire resistant, offering additional safety benefits, and requires a low amount of maintenance.

Hardie board is comparatively more expensive and takes longer to install, as it requires expert fitting. However, the initial investment is worth it for a product that lasts long and has low maintenance costs.

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What kind of siding is best for my home?

It is important to choose the correct kind of siding for your home to maximize weatherproofing, temperature control, and curbside appeal benefits. Choosing the professional siding contractors and the right siding for your home will largely depend on your personal preference and your budget. It is also important to keep your neighborhood association regulations in mind.

We at Aegis Construction Group can help you to determine what kind of siding would be most suitable for your home or business – give us a call to arrange a free inspection.

How do I know if my siding needs to be replaced?

If you notice any kind of fading, chalking, seam separation, or warping of materials, you may need to consider replacing your siding. Additionally, if you notice moisture appearing on the inside of your home, it could be an indication that your siding is not holding up against rain or snow and may need replacing.

We offer free inspections, so give us a call to arrange for us to check whether it may be time for a siding replacement.

Can I replace a portion of my siding, or do I need to replace it all?

Siding troubles often only impact a small section of planks. It is possible to replace damaged planks without disturbing the siding around them however, it is important to remember that it could be difficult to match color or styles on new siding to the older siding surrounding it.

Is it necessary to remove all the old siding?

When residing your home, it is not always necessary to remove all the old siding. In many instances, it is possible to place the new siding over your existing older siding. However, this does depend on what has previously been installed, the current condition of your siding, and what you are intending to install over it. Aegis Construction – Expert Chicago Siding Contractors will take a look at your current situation and recommend the best next steps for your siding solution. 


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