Solar Panel Installation in Chicago


If you’ve been living in Chicago for the past 5 or so years you will no doubt be aware of the city’s ongoing efforts to run entirely on renewable energy by the year 2026 through our Sustainable Action Agenda. In fact, you may even know that Chicago is well on track to meeting this steep goal, having been named the US’s greenest city by the National Green Building Adoption Index in 2017 and 2018.


Commercial Roof in downtown urban area against skyline


Throw in the fact that more than half our days are sunny, as well as the added Chicago solar incentives, and it’s clear why it’s a great place to transform your own home or business into a carbon neutral space.

Clearly, you already know all of this, and understand the impact you can have on creating a greener, healthier city, which is probably why you are searching for solar panel installation companies near you in Chicago.

So do we, which is why we as Chicago roofing specialists want to help you do just that.


Our Solar Panel Installation Services In Chicago

Apart from contributing to the city’s efforts by generating your own clean energy, installing a solar electricity and / or solar water heating system in Chicago will also make you eligible for some Chicago solar incentives such as Illinois SRECs and tax credits. Read more about this here.

Here’s what you need to ask when choosing your commercial or residential solar panel company in Chicago.


      • Are they near me?

      • Will they help me calculate the correct approach to reducing my Chicago home or business’ carbon footprint?   Will their design consider both the type of solar energy system, as well as the correct amount of solar panels needed to ensure efficacy?

      • Will they help me connect my solar panels to the grid and reap the financial rewards?

      • Do they offer any warranties on their materials, labor and actual solar power production?

    • Do they have the right skill set, or is their original service offering too far removed from residential or commercial solar panel installation?


Why Choose Us



      1. We offer quality service.

      1. We use only the highest quality material.

      1. Our staff are knowledgeable and committed to updating their skills through monthly seminars.

      1. We’re a local company, which means we understand unique Chicago building needs and are never far for inspections and repairs.

      1. Our services are affordable.

    1. Most of all, we are reliable.

Aegis Construction Group is an Illinois-licensed residential, commercial and industrial roofing specialist in Chicago near you.  We’re a family that’s been trusted with installing and maintaining nearly 52000 square feet of Chicagoland’s roofs for over 7 years. That, and our commitment to long-term relationships and superb customer care makes us the best place in Chicago to go for solar panel installations.



Let’s start with  a free inspection of your current roof. We will check that everything is up to standard and well maintained. Then we will assist you with your solar panel installation. Call us today on (773) 812-3447.



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