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Residential Roofing

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Residential Roofing and How it differs from Commercial Roofing

Commercial and industrial buildings tend to be much larger compared to residential properties. Commercial buildings, which usually have a very low pitched or flat roof, also have a great deal more protuberances and other objects on their roof surface (such as HVAC blowers, vents, etc.) compared to residential properties. As such, roof installations for commercial properties have much more complicated installations, material options, and maintenance requirements compared to residential buildings.

Residential roofing requirements are much simpler, owing to a residential roof’s higher slope from its higher pitch. Because of a residential roof’s higher pitch, the roof is easily visible, necessitating a different kind of roofing that needs to consider appearance and style as well as durability.

The higher pitch of a residential roof also allows for different materials to be used, which aren’t as restrictive as those required for flat commercial roofs and are much more customizable. Residential roofing involves the installation of trusses and wood boards and then applying a base layer and the roof covering materials. This means that the installation of residential roofing systems is comparatively much quicker than that of a commercial roofing system.

Finally, in the realm of maintenance, residential roofs are much easier to maintain compared to commercial roofs. Usually, with a residential roof, sporadic inspection by the homeowner after storms or other adverse weather events will be sufficient for spotting damage. In comparison, commercial roofs require inspection by a roofing contractor, and these inspections take place much more often.

Residential roofing still requires expert installation, which is why it is very important to select a residential roofing contractor near you that you trust. We at Aegis can help!

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Residential Roofing Materials

Residential roofing is made from several components, which all serve to create a protective barrier between your home and the elements. Framing is one of the first parts of your roof and is made of wooden trusses that form the shape of your roof and helps support the weight of the roofing materials.

The next layer is insulation, which stabilizes the temperature of your home. A properly insulated roof keeps cold air out during the winter, and warm air out in the summer, saving you on heating and cooling bills.

A ventilation layer is next, which allows humidity to flow out rather than being trapped in the components of your roof, which can damage your roof framing and deck. Your roof deck comes next, which is made up of sheets of plywood which are fixed to your frame and trusses. The roof deck allows for a solid layer to attach the remaining roof components onto.

Next comes an underlayment and water barrier, which act as an extra layer of protection by preventing permeation from ice and rain and creating a consistent surface for the placement of shingles.

At Aegis Construction Group, we offer a variety of different roofing finishes to suit your home’s needs. We offer asphalt shingles, cedar shake shingles, and metal shingles. We also offer complete roof tear-offs as well as re-roofing. Call us to schedule a free inspection, so we can help you with all your roofing needs.

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Residential Roofing Options

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are among the most used roofing finishes for residential roofs. This is mainly because they are widely available, relatively inexpensive compared to other roof coverings, and are comparatively simpler to install. These types of shingles, as their name suggests, use asphalt as their waterproofing material.

Asphalt shingles are very customizable, coming in a variety of styles and colors, which makes them an easy and effective way to add to the overall curb appeal of your home. Asphalt shingles are relatively easy to maintain, requiring periodic cleaning to remove debris to stop the growth of algae. Periodic inspection (especially after adverse weather events such as a storm) also helps in identifying damaged shingles and allows for problems to be detected and resolved before they turn into large-scale roof problems.

Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar shake shingles are extremely durable with the correct maintenance. They are also widely chosen for their weathered appearance, and they can upscale the entire look of your home.

On top of their aesthetic appeal, cedar shake shingles are very energy efficient, as they act as excellent insulators. This helps reduce heating and cooling costs during winter and summer respectively. Although more costly, cedar shakes are worth the investment and cut costs in the long run.

Cedar shakes are also environmentally friendly, as they are fully recyclable, and are sustainably sourced. Cedar shakes require a little more maintenance, in that excessive debris (such as branches and leaves) should be removed from the roof periodically to allow the cedar to breathe.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles and roofing systems are growing in popularity, largely owing to their many benefits. Metal shingles also add curb appeal to your home and come in a variety of customizations. They are known for their low maintenance requirements, their durability and resistance to hail, wind, and other adverse weather conditions, and their fire resistance.

Metal roofing systems are also known to last much longer, which makes them well worth the initial investment. Finally, metal shingles are fully recyclable and provide excellent insulation for your home, reducing heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

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Aegis Construction Group will provide a 10-year craftsmanship warranty for all full-roof replacements. We are also GAF, Owen’s Corning and Firestone certified to extend manufacturer warranty options to our customers.

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