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Roof Hail Damage Inspection

Hailstorms bring with them severe damage, some of which are immediately obvious and easy to remedy, and other damage which is difficult to detect and can cause catastrophic problems down the line if left unchecked. This is especially true for damage caused to your roof, as not only can hail cause serious surface damage to your roof, but it can also cause underlying problems that are much more difficult to detect until they have caused very severe damage.

After a hailstorm, it is extremely important to assess the damage that the storm has caused to your roof. At Aegis Construction, we can assist with a thorough inspection of your roof after a hailstorm, to ensure that the correct repairs are made, as well as to pick up any deeper damage that could possibly cause further water-damage problems down the line.

Read below to learn about what type of damage a hailstorm can do to your roof, and how Aegis Construction can help mitigate the risks.

How Does Your Roof Get Damaged by Hail?

Your roof is your principal defense against the elements and protects your home from damage. Being a primary barrier of protection for your home means that your roof is the first to be damaged, even though it is built primarily for this purpose. A damaged roof does not protect your home as effectively from the elements and can result in more serious problems developing if a damaged roof is left abandoned.

Hail causes obvious damage when first inspected. You may notice broken, cracked, or missing roof tiles, and dimples and dents in asphalt surfacing and flashing. Hail damage may be more difficult to pick up on different roofing materials, and because hail can vary in size and density, it can cause damage that may be easy to pick up on some surfaces, but harder to see in other materials.

Asphalt roofing materials (which are one of the most commonly used roofing materials) are difficult to spot hail damage on. The only obvious clue to hail damage on an asphalt roof will be dents and bumps on the flashing material. Serious hail damage on an asphalt roof may be evidenced by broken shingles, dents in the asphalt, and holes, which are difficult to spot.

Metal roofs display hail damage quite differently, and hail damage will be evident from numerous dents and bumps all over the roofing system.

Wooden shake shingles take hail damage differently, and this type of material is susceptible to splitting and cracking, which can allow for moisture to enter your roofing system. 

Regardless of which material your roof is made from, and how evident hail damage may be, it is important to have your roof inspected not only to ascertain the surface damage but to scope out the type of damage that goes unnoticed but can cause larger problems down the line. 

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Why is it important to have your Roof Inspected after a Hailstorm?

A hail damage roof inspection is important to perform after any hailstorm. Not only is it important to find the surface damage and repair it, but it is important to find more serious damage (such as a hole or leak) that needs to be repaired quickly before the next storm rolls in.

More serious damage is usually harder to find, which is why it is a good idea to get an experienced roof inspector, such as Aegis Construction, involved in your roof inspection.

 A thorough roof inspection will allow you to find any problem areas which should be patched up. Serious damage which isn’t attended to can lead to problems such as roof leaks, water running down your walls, dampness, and other water mitigation issues which ultimately can compromise your roofing system and can cause larger problems in your home, which can be expensive to fix.



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How Serious Hail Damage to your Roof can be

Hail damage to your roof is a compounding problem. Damaged shingles from hailstones leave your roofing system vulnerable to water damage and degradation. Damaged shingles can be left more vulnerable to degradation from the sun and from other storms, which eventually results in your shingles being unable to stop leaks.

A leak in your shingles causes water to pool into the underlying materials and roof deck, resulting in dampness and rot, and eventual damage to the supporting structure of your roof, which can affect the structural integrity and insulation of the walls in your home. The problem with roof leaks is that they can be difficult to detect until they have caused a significant amount of damage to your home. In addition to this, it could be difficult to have an insurance claim approved to fix this type of secondary damage, usually because it could have been prevented when the initial hail damage occurred.

The good news is that these kinds of problems can be avoided if you catch your hail damage early, and promptly repair it before the next storm rolls in and causes water to enter into your underlying layers of roofing material. This is where Aegis can help – with a methodical hail damage roof inspection to identify and repair damage and problem areas before they turn into larger (and more expensive) complications. An added bonus is that Aegis Construction can also help with the insurance claims process to repair your hail-damaged roof.

What to do when your Roof has been Damaged by a Hailstorm

The first thing to do is to schedule a free inspection with us to have your roof inspected for hail damage and potential leaks. We will also be able to advise you on the best course of action to follow when it comes to an insurance claim, should the need for one arise.

 Aegis can even help with the insurance claim process, to ensure that the cost of repairing your hail-damaged roof is covered and that your roof is repaired timeously and at the highest standard, which you can expect from Aegis Construction.

Aegis can also help in taking proactive steps to minimize the extent of hail damage in the future. We can give advice on the right kind of roofing material to use to minimize hail damage, as well as offer advice on natural barriers such as trees or fences to try and minimize the potential for hail damage.

For anything roof-related, Aegis Construction is the place to call. Contact us for any assistance you may need regarding roofing materials, repairs, inspections and insurance claims.

How You Can Prevent Hail from Damaging Your Roof

Your first port-of-call is to check whether a hailstorm occurred. There are many tell-tale signs of a hailstorm, such as damaged trees, damaged outdoor furniture, and of course, you may notice damage to your roofing materials.

The next step is to get your roof inspected to determine the magnitude of the hail damage. An inspection will reveal deeper damage and allow you to pick up on small problems and remedy them before they turn into larger problems that cost more to repair.

Finally, after inspecting your roof, you’ll be able to put through an insurance claim to cover the cost of repairing your hail-damaged roof.

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Why Should You Choose Aegis for Your Commercial Roofing Needs?

While there is no fool-proof way to completely prevent hail damage to your roof, there are several steps that you can take to lessen the effect of a hailstorm and alleviate the resulting damage.

The first of these is to select the right roofing material. Aegis has a range of roofing materials available, and we are always happy to advise which would best suit your home in both a cosmetic and functional way. Having a roof made with the correct materials and that is crafted up to standard ensures less damage in the long run and protects your home from adverse weather events.

Natural barriers are also a helpful way to minimize the damage that a hailstorm can bring. Placing structures carefully around your home can act as protection from hail damage to your roof. Placing trees, fences, and high walls in specific areas on your property can go a long way in minimizing hail damage to your roof.

Finally, the best way to keep a step ahead of hail damage is to have your roof regularly inspected, particularly after a hailstorm. Having a regular roof inspection ensures that problems are caught early and are remedied before they are exacerbated.

We at Aegis are ready to help with all things roof-related. Contact us for assistance with roof inspections, advice on materials, and for assistance with insurance claims.


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