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Wind Damage to Siding

Strong winds can cause exceptional damage to your property, which can be exacerbated when left unaddressed. After your property has been exposed to high winds, it is extremely important to have your siding inspected for any damage. At Aegis Construction Group, we can provide you with a free inspection of the condition of your siding, especially after a windstorm that you suspect may have caused some damage. We are also experts in any siding repair or replacement, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

How Does Wind Damage Your Siding?

Wind damage to siding can vary in degree of severity, ranging from minimal damage that can be easily repaired to catastrophic damage that requires more in-depth repairs or even a full siding replacement.

An extremely strong gust of wind can completely lift and tear off the siding from your home, leaving gaps in your siding or leaving it loose, which you may hear flapping. Siding damaged in this way is left vulnerable to compounding impairment, especially if storms continue or accompany the high winds. Wind damage to your siding results in damage to the groove system that keeps your siding waterproof, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage.

In other cases, damage may be difficult to discern because it is not always immediately visible. Unnoticed damage can compound over time and can lead to more serious damage to your home. For this reason, it is extremely important to have your siding inspected after you suspect damage so that problems can be detected early before they turn into more serious complications.

Windstorms can also cause large debris (such as fallen branches) to strike parts of your property. This can result in large-scale damage to your property, as large debris colliding with your home can seriously damage not just your siding but your roofing system, water mitigation system, and windows, among other things.

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What Does Wind Damage to Siding Look Like?

Wind damage to siding can come in many forms, and some damage is easier to spot, whilst other kinds of underlying damage may be more difficult to determine. Below are a few things you can look out for if you suspect that your siding has been damaged by wind.


Cracked siding can not only come from wind damage but from natural wear and tear. Continuous wind damage eventually weakens siding, resulting in cracks that leave your home vulnerable to water intrusion, pests, and mold growth. Cracking can also progress deeper into your siding, damaging the waterproofing layer.

Cracked siding is easy to spot by inspecting your siding. It is extremely important that cracks are repaired as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of water intrusion, which can penetrate the underlying layers of your siding and cause more serious damage down the line.



Peeling siding predominantly comes from water damage but can be exacerbated by strong winds. Peeling siding is a sure sign that the protective and weather-resistant coating on your siding is wearing off and needs to be replaced or repaired. Leaving peeling siding to get worse allows for cracks to form, leading to water collecting in your siding and causing larger-scale waterproofing problems and insulation issues in your home.



The siding of your home can become chipped through strong gusts of wind, which can send bits of debris flying into the side of your home, damaging the siding. Chipped siding leaves the outer protective layer of your home vulnerable to water intrusion and further damage, such as peeling or complete loosening of the siding.

Chipped siding needs to be repaired as quickly as possible, as chips can eventually give way to peeling and cracks, which gives rise to water mitigation problems that can be more costly to repair.


Similarly to chips, holes in your siding could appear during a windstorm, mainly if debris carried by the windstorm makes contact with your siding and strikes it hard enough to create a hole in your siding.

Holes can be a particularly troublesome problem, as holes are usually large and deep enough to leave the entire underlying layer of your siding vulnerable to water entry and damage. For this reason, it is extremely important to have any holes in your siding repaired as quickly as possible before the next storm rolls in and has a chance to cause further damage, which might result in you needing more in-depth repairs.



Siding that is loose and lifting can also cause problems with the underlying waterproof layer of your siding. In addition, the loose siding will continue to strain in continuing winds, which only exacerbates the problem unless the siding is re-fastened.

Before re-fastening the siding, it is important to ensure that no underlying damage to the waterproofing layer of your siding has occurred.

What Do I Do If Strong Winds Damage My Siding?

If you suspect that strong winds have damaged your siding or if you have experienced a succession of strong winds, it is always a good idea to inspect your home for any potential damage.

Siding damage such as peeling, lifting, and holes can usually be spotted outright, and a quick inspection allows you to pick up the problem quickly before it can exacerbate. Some types of damage to your siding, such as fine cracks where water has entered, can cause bigger problems leading to rot and mold. For this reason, if you suspect any kind of damage to your siding, it is a good idea to get a professional contractor out to examine your home. At Aegis Construction, we offer free inspections of your home, which comes in handy, especially with the insurance claims process.


Assess the damage

The moment you suspect that you may have sustained wind damage to your siding, it is a good idea to have a look at your property to get an idea of what kind of potential damage may have occurred. It is also a good idea to contact Aegis Construction to book a free inspection of your home so that your property can be thoroughly inspected for any damage. If any is noted, a way forward can be established.

At Aegis Construction, our well-trained and experienced contractors can offer you the best advice on any potential repairs or replacements you may need on your siding and are available to answer all your questions throughout the process.


Check your insurance policy

If it is determined that your siding is damaged, it is a good idea to check your insurance policy. In most cases, homeowners’ insurance covers damage caused by an adverse wind event. This means that your insurance will likely assist in paying for any repairs or replacements you need related to the adverse wind event.

At Aegis Construction, we can assist with the insurance claims process. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in all administrative requirements with the insurance claims process, including the inspection process.


Contact a siding repair professional.

As one of the top siding repairers and replacers in the business, Aegis should be who you call to have your siding inspected, repaired, or replaced. Aegis Construction is a well-established and trusted contractor with a focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality craftsmanship.

Not only can Aegis assist you in the insurance claims process, but we will ensure that we are there every step of the way throughout the repair or replacement process as well. We at Aegis Construction Group are certified vinyl siding installers and offer a wide variety of siding options to suit your home’s style and your pocket.

Contact Aegis Construction Group today for all the answers to your questions about wind damage to your siding, the insurance claims process, repair and replacement options, and what works best for your home.


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