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Finding a reliable roofing company can be mind-boggling. Before you start to panic, let one of our experienced contractors help.


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Roofing Company Elmhurst, IL - Aegis Construction

When you need reliable roofing in Elmhurst, you need Aegis Construction Group. We are reliable roofing contractors who take pride in our work. So instead of spending hours searching “roofing company near me” online, let our team show you why we’re different from other Elmhurst roofing companies.


Residential Roofing

When inclement weather passes through, there is potential for your home to sustain roof damage. Our roofing contractors will assess the damage and complete all necessary repairs, from loose shingles to water damage.


Commercial Roofing

We offer two types of flexible membrane roofing for commercial roofs, which are typically flat. Both modified bitumen roofing and EPDM roofing provide durable, leak-proof coverage for flat, commercial roofs.

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Different Types of Roofing Materials

As a highly-rated roof company, we offer the highest-quality materials for all our roofing services. Our catalog features a variety of finishes so that we can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, durable roof.  

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the United States. They are popular because of their low cost, ease of installation, and durability. 

Cedar shingles are durable and customizable. Known for its pleasant smell, cedar is also waterproof and rot-resistant. 

Metal shingles, typically consisting of copper, steel, or zinc, are 100% recyclable. Our roofing contractor will install a metal roof directly on top of your existing roof, saving you the cost of a complete roof replacement.

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Services a Roofer Offers in Elmhurst, Illinois

When looking for the “best roofers near me,” you need a team that offers multiple reliable services.

Roof Installation

We provide the best roofing in Elmhurst. Our expert contractors will give you a free estimate and determine if a tear-off is right for your roof.

Roof Maintenance

With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your roof and prevent problems like leaks or missing shingles. As a result, you can save money and enjoy peace of mind.

Roof Repairs

Severe weather, like hail, excess rain, or high winds, can cause damage to your roof. Be sure to call a quality roofing company. We will repair leaks, flashing damage, and any other problems we find.

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof could mean a tear-off. It could also mean re-roofing, which is a less-expensive option where we install a new roof directly over your existing roof.

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Roofing Contractor Insurance Elmhurst, IL

When Googling “roof company near me,” you need experts who help with roofing, including insurance.

When our roofing contractor completes your free estimate, they will let you know if insurance will cover your roof repair. Since insurance claims can be confusing, we will walk you through the process of submitting your claim so you can receive reimbursement as soon as possible.

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When you search for expert roofing in Elmhurst, look no further than Aegis Construction Group. Fill out our Get a Free Inspection” form to schedule your free inspection in Elmhurst, IL!


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